About us

UAB Trevita is a company that develops and delivers laminated lumber structures and their solutions to the construction market. We use the cross laminated timber (CLT) blocks and Glulam – the material rapidly gaining popularity in the modern architecture and construction – FOR the design and implementation of facades and buildings. Our experience in implementing exclusive projects and using solid wood products allows us to say that these materials feature exceptional features such as ecology, stability, reliability, unlimited design possibilities, they guarantee sustainable and durable construction and a profitable investment.

Our team implements non-standard facade and structural solutions, and supplies prefabricated products (fully or partially factory finished exterior walls, facades, roof panels). We will take care not only of the exterior of the building but also of the interior made of CLT and Glulam products using their visual wood surfaces. We offer the design of building structures from CLT and glued timber elements and prepare 3D modelling, structural and manufacturing drawings. We provide the delivery and installation services of high quality products not only in Lithuania but also around Europe.